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Discussion on: My notes from DHH's RailsConf keynote interview

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Josh Wood Author

Yeah, I'm torn on that. I personally have warmed to Rails embracing Webpacker because I've had to support issues with the asset pipeline/sprockets, and there is a lot of friction there. It's not that the old way is bad--I think it fits better into Rails, but it complicates using Rails with the modern JavaScript ecosystem so much that the bad outweighs the good. Webpacker has also been getting a lot better in my experience. I used to dread working with it, but I prefer it now.

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Nick Taylor

We use webpacker at DEV and initially, I thought maybe we don't necessarily need it, but it just integrates so well and in some cases, we've had to use the erb-loader 👉🏻

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the integration.