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100 Days of WEB Development

jpchreim profile image Jean Pierre Chreim ・1 min read

Hey there,
Hope you're doing fine
After a long time thinking what I really want to be and what I want to achieve, I took a bold decision and decided to be a full stack developer.
Although I don't have the right experience and I only did one or two projects during my last 3 years as a computer science student, I decided today to challenge myself and start the 100 days of code challenge which is exactly what I need to motivate myself to code more without procrastinating.
I should have posted this yesterday when I started the challenge, but as they say, late is better than never

Day 1 :

I started from 0, the basic of the basic.
Learned about HTML5 elements and how they work, some attributes and some CSS too, even tho I will use some libraries like Bootstrap for design purpose, but I definitely need to know the basic in case I ever needed to.

If you were wondering where I'm learning all this, I highly recommend you FreeCodeCamp
Why? Because it's a 2 in 1 learning site, which means that you can learn and practice at the same time!
Each lesson got a challenge, and you can't get to the next one until you finish the current challenge.

Thank you in advance for reading the post, and as I always say, you can't grow if you can't challenge yourself!

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