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re: I do this with Trello. But I like the idea of cloning files locally. Will give this one a try! :)

I used Trello before and I still have some projects managed there. However it lacks the "file storage" feature that git brings into my workflow and as Github also has the "Projects" feature (more or less like Trello) I prefer to keep all my things in one place to avoid confusion. That's one of the reasons that made me switch to this system.

Thanks for your feedback! Hope you find this system useful in addition to Trello or even as a replacement.


That one was a heck of a nice idea João.

Also sometime ago I read this article ( showing why Trello stagnated not developing/hearing/measuring true needs and lacked innovation as time passed. This opened way for lots of other services to not only copycat this card/kanban feat but to actually bring value which is what we have with GitHub in this excellent way having everything, files, branches, projects, wikis all in the very same website!

Way to go!

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