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re: I saw you have "photos" folder. isn't a git repository limited to 1GB? did you plan to store there private photos? it would eat quota space wouldn...

Hey Tomer! Thanks for your feedback as it may answer others doubts regarding that question as well.

Indeed I've a "photos" folder, however I use it just to store the current avatars I'm using at the moment on my social networks and other websites/communities. All my "real" photos, I mean photos from family, friends, dogs... you get it, go directly to my external drive. I've never stored those in cloud storages because it seems a bit inefficient when you later want to navigate through them all, but it's just a personal opinion.

Regarding the 1GB limit yes, you're right. Github does limits repositories to be under 1GB, mostly for performance improvements. When you exceed that limit. According to Github:

We recommend repositories be kept under 1GB each. This limit is easy to stay within if large files are kept out of the repository. If your repository exceeds 1GB, you might receive a polite email from GitHub Support requesting that you reduce the size of the repository to bring it back down. - What is my disk quota?

Thank you once more for placing that question, hope I've answered it clearly!


For actual photos, use Google Photos ( for unlimited storage of photos up to 10 MP

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