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I think I've never seen someone with such technical and human skills unite. I don't doubt great professionals like that really exist. But my point is: if that software architect does not know how to share it's knowledge and delegate all of his/her responsibilities to your team in a properly way, it would probably end up in a team with only one "super hero". Is the team in a comfort zone environment when the important decisions are only made by one person ? Will the team be more prone to collaborate with each other or give visibility to that software architect that is doing a great job ? What if the software architect goes to another company, probably the team won't know how to take high level decisions without their Gandalf.
Having a professional like that in a team is very good. But if that professional does not know how to stimulate a Software Architect journey in the team members, this person is not doing a great job.


Great comment! Thank you!
In my article, I paid more attention to skills that are a must, but I did not cover the field of knowledge collaboration fully (which is, of course, an utmost important, and I've mentioned it). Another point, that the teaching and collaboration is mostly the tech lead field. I completely agree with John Van Wagenen who wrote - that is about sharing and collaboration. But the duties of a software architect (in a perfect world, of course) includes all those things I wrote, so he or she is not obliged (and even don't have time) to teach let's say a Ruby programmer, how to choose a software development methodology. If the software architect will spend the time on this, the project will unlikely be completed successfully. This is the matter of the obligations and productivity. So, definitely, a software architect should be a mentor, but the most important for this specialist is to be a real professional who can architect, carry and successfully complete the project with minimum time and maximum profit.

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