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I've had PMs that act like technical literacy is beneath them but then get upset when things don't go how they plan and basically shut down the conversation if anything as technical as API is mentioned. That's a bit of an extreme case but I think understanding roles and responsibilities is important. Each should understand the others job enough to empathize, and evangelize for the other. But i think it's also important to know where the lanes are. My PM can tell his thoughts and opinions on pubsub vs Kaftka if he has them but at the end of the day it's my job as the lead (with my dev team) to choose the architecture. Likewise I can explain and reason prioritization of 2 features but at the end of the day that's the PMs domain and they get the final say. Without that empathy and understanding though my PM can't understand the value of tech debt tickets, and i wouldn't understand why my PM is pressuring us to creep scope.


100% this; thanks for sharing!

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