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Discussion on: System76 review request

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Jonathan Apodaca

I was recently in the market for a new Laptop, and I chose a ThinkPad T14S as opposed to System76, although I heavily considered them. For me it came down to a few things:

  • I wanted one of the new AMD Ryzen four-thousand series processors, as they have been outperforming Intel this year (so far) and, being AMD, it drives the price down a bit.
  • Lenovo recently announces official Linux support for their ThinkPad line.
  • ThinkPad keyboards
  • I like the layout of the TrackPoint and touch-pad buttons.
  • I like the look of ThinkPads as opposed to System76.
  • The build-quality of the ThinkPad is amazing. It has a magnesium body, and feels very high-quality.

I thought about putting Pop_OS! on the laptop when I got it, but eventually chose Arch because this laptop needs a newer kernel to function well.

Incidentally, though, I am running a bit of code from the System76 team on my desktop: I use GNOME shell, and they wrote an awesome tiling window manager and released it as a GNOME shell extension: Pop_OS! Shell. So I still benefit from the System76 team even though I bought a ThinkPad. System76 really is a fantastic company, and I wish them all the success in the world!