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Install Kali Linux

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Why Kali Linux?

So, I have an old laptop which I have not used for quite some time now and was thinking on turning this into something useful. Kali Linux is a powerful toolkit for security testing. And I think it is nice to explore and learn Kali Linux during this pandemic.

  • Kali Linux Installer – Kali linux installer can be downloaded at: Make sure to download depending on your computer system.

  • PowerISO – PowerISO is used to create bootable USB drive. You can download PowerISO here: . I tried using rufus , pen drive linux and balenaEtcher but none of these works for me. You can choose whatever bootable usb software you like.

  • USB flash drive (4gb or greater)

Create Bootable USB Drive

Follow the steps from if you are not familiar with creating a bootable usb drive.

Once everything is done, follow the steps below to install Kali Linux on your machine.
  1. Boot Kali Linux installer image
  2. Once booted, select graphical install
  3. Select your preferred language
  4. Select your location. The selected location will be used to set your time zone.
  5. Configure keyboard keymap. As per research, American English is recommended.
  6. Set your machine hostname. Alt Text
  7. Configure the network Alt Text
  8. Set your username and password Alt Text Alt Text
  9. Set your timezone Alt Text
  10. Choose partition disk. You can set your own preference on this. But in my case I just leave all files in one partition. Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text
  11. If you have a network proxy for external access, configure it on this screen Alt Text
  12. Choose software to install. Alt Text
  13. Install the GRUB boot loader to the master boot record so you can boot your Kali Linux image. Then, select target disk for GRUB installation. Mostly, it is the first disk. Alt Text
  14. If you don’t have any error during the installation, then your installation is successful. Else, leave a comment below and we'll try to solve it. Alt Text

Let our Kali Linux adventure begin. :)

Alt Text

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