Migrating from Medium to Dev.To

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My experience with dev.to has been great so far. I have a few published articles on Medium.com that I would like to migrate.

(In the future, I'd also like to be able to syndicate to Medium with the medium posts. Ideally, I could push to a git repo from emacs and this all just happens. But for now, I'll concentrate on exporting markdown.)

I have found these tools and articles to help:

  • https://www.gautamdhameja.com/medium-to-markdown-converter/ using

    gautamdhameja / medium-2-md

    A CLI tool that converts exported Medium posts (html) to Jekyll/Hugo compatible markdown with front matter.


    Converts medium posts (html) into Jekyll/Hugo compatible markdown files. Also extracts and adds yaml front matter to the converted markdown files This package works with already exported Medium posts and also with post urls. It converts all exported posts to markdown using a single command. It is mainly useful in scenarios when you want to migrate your blog away from Medium to Jekyll or Hugo (or something similar which supports markdown content).

    Steps to use

    Convert local Medium exports

    1. Export and extract your Medium posts from your Medium account
      1. Go to https://medium.com/me/settings and scroll to Download your information. Click the download button. This will give you a medium-export.zip archive containing all your Medium content.
      2. Extract the .zip archive downloaded in the previous step. It will have a sub-directory called posts.
      3. Copy the path of this posts directory.
    2. Install node.js and medium-2-md on your system
      1. Download and Install…
  • https://medium.com/@macropus/export-your-medium-posts-to-markdown-b5ccc8cb0050 using

    xdamman / mediumexporter

    Export your stories published on medium.com to markdown for easy import

    Build Status Coverage Status

    Medium Exporter

    Export your stories published on medium.com to markdown.


    ./index.js {url}
        -O, --output - write to specified output directory
        -I, --info – Show information about the medium post
        --hugo - enable gohugo.io shortcodes
        --frontmatter - enable frontmatter
        --jekyll - format content and images for us in Jekyll blogs

    CLI example

    If not output directory is specified, images and content will be downloaded into /content

    ./index.js https://medium.com/@PatrickHeneise/malaysia-16be98ab673e

    programmatic example

    get individual posts

    async function example() {
      mediumexporter.getPost(link, {
        output: "content/posts",
        hugo: true,
        frontmatter: true

    get feeds (default page size is 10)

    const exporter = require('./index')
    exporter.getFeed('https://medium.com/feed/@xdamman', { output: 'content' })


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