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If you are starting as developer, read this.

Before I start, I want to welcome you studant or junior dev, that has started in this wondeful area that for sure will change your life.

I know how you feel right now, I was there when I start too. Maybe you gave up so many times and keeps returning because you know you are capable to make it, and yes, YOU ARE!

Maybe you feel stressed, anxious, maybe you had many bad times thinking that your're not enough and this is not for you, but continue reading this and I'll tell you the secrets that I wish someone could have told me when I was starting.

Save this post to read anytime that you're feeling like loosing your way.

  1. You do not need to be a genius, nerd, young or man to work with tech. If you love technology, if you like to solve problems, and have persistence, you have everything you need.

  2. Do not waste your time trying to learn or memorize everything from a language, it will make you anxious and will make you feel like a looser because you'll not make it.

  3. Focus on learn about how internet and mobile apps works, database types, requests and responses, api concepts, algorithm basis, like variables, functions and statements.

  4. Do not waste your time watching hours and hours of courses, instead, make a basic algorithm course and chose any language to start (do not focus on it), download a code editor like VScode, take a coffee and DO CODE. Create something easy, make some loops, calculate your BMI, create a simple calculator, try to solve a simple problem.

-Each time you see your code running and doing what you told him to do, you'll feel great and it will give you the fuel you need to continue

5 . FAIL IS THE SECRET. Yes, you need to fail, and you'll. By failing you'll search for the "why" and you'll find the "because", and doing this you'll be teaching your brain to be a problem solver. This is what we (programmers, engineers, developers) are, Problem Solvers.

6 . Have patience. Do not try to learn everything, do everything, know about everything. I know that the some jobs is asking for an entire dev team to a Junior role, but listen to me... they do not know what they need! Many recruiters do a google search, take the most actual tech skills, languages and do a copy/paste on the job description. So, if you already have the concepts, have small projects on github that you're proud of... don't be afraid! Make a good CV, apply for the starter roles, talk about what you have done, show that you are a good learner and start to put your name on this world as a developer.

-But I do not know so much things, I'll not get a job or I'll be fired soon as they see it.

Let me tell you something... 90% of what you'll learn will be on your job, you'll be faced with tasks that will challenge you, so you'll search for solution, you'll read the docs, you'll have help from seniors, Stackoverflow will save you many times, and at the end you'll find yourself as an experienced developer, working with the most cool projects and companies, and the most important... Living Your Dreams.

Do not give up! Your future is the result of what you learned yesterday and what you're doing today.

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This is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you!

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San D.

Super mega cool!!

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Great words of wisdom, thanks!

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metak47 • Edited

Gerçekten çok doğru kod ezberlemek ile olmuyor

vikashkshatra profile image

Now that gave me a lot of courage..