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Discussion on: TypeScript is slow. What can we do about it?

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Juan Carlos

Types on TypeScript are kind of limited compared to other programming languages, to name a few things missing:

  • Subrange types
  • JSON types
  • Regex types
  • int8/16/32/64 types
  • Char types
  • Option types
  • Dependent types
  • Custom Operator Overloading by Type on any Type
  • Types with Side Effects Tracking
  • Types with enforced run-time bounds checking
  • Probably more I dont remember...
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Aleksei Berezkin Author

I'm not sure it's correct to expect from TS some β€œcustom” primitives or anything in runtime πŸ˜€ TS doesn't have a runtime, and cannot add anything to JS primitives. These are parts of the TS type system which, combined together, form the TS uniqueness: unions and intersections, ambient types, augmented types, mapped types, conditional types (T extends U ? X : Y), inference by request (T extends Array<infer E> ? E : never), types assertions, types widening and narrowing. Now they added yet more: template literal types.

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Juan Carlos

Other languages just have it builtin since long time ago for frontend too.
I said run-time not runtime.