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Well here are my two cents on the matter. I didn't know Hashnode even existed before this post and I know for over 8 months already.

Can't really remember how I ended up finding (maybe it was through some articles on Medium or something...) but the tagline they had back then really resonated with me and I saw that the interface was really clean and streamlined and the registration process was very easy so I thought why not?

I was a ghost member just reading a couple articles for about 4 months until I found a post from (can't remember who xD) talking about all the benefits of being an active member and encouraging people to post or comment more frequently and I think that rekindled the fire I had about making community and putting myself out there even if others wouldn't.

And so this is one of the few communities (the only one ) that inspires me to post things, even if I'm a newbie in this industry or at writing posts for that matter.

This is the only place I'm able to meet such cool people with a lot of knowledge that have no problem sharing it and don't feel all high and mighty just 'cause they have "some" experience.

This is the only place where I'm actively looking for interesting things I can learn from and talk with the people who actually shared them, for those who don't know, I'm very detached (maybe careless?) to several things so I could join several forums, chat rooms and stuff but eventually forget about them and never come back only when I need something is that I would post something and then leave again.

Here I make a conscious effort to see what's going on and what's new even if I'm boggled down with things to do, I just find small windows of time to check the site (even when I can't login 'cause my employer ip blocked github hahaha)

Plus isn't it awesome that you can post comments or articles here while at the same time practice your Markdown skills??

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