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Well after reading your intro on Medium, I kinda think we're similar in various aspects. One thing I wanna say is that I hear people ask 'how to be more extroverted?' and from my experience, one does not need to become 'extrovert' to communicate better. I'm still an introvert but a social and well-connected one ;)


Thanks for your comment Juan!

I completely agree with you! In fact, as I've shared with a few others, the word extrovert should be looked at more like a verb rather than an adjective or characteristic. Communication is something we do because we have to in order to live in this largely small world we live in. Nonetheless, when we get good and tired of dealing with people for the day there's almost always a safe place we can call home.



You put in good words what have been going around my mind for some time already. Yes, indeed I've felt that when I've dealt with several people on the day and arrived exhausted to my home to the relief of doing 'introverted' 'nerd' stuff. hahaha

Cheers mate.

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