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Thanks so much for explaining line-height vs. leading, it just changed my life!

We spent months with a client who wanted the 'leading' just right, and this could have saved me a lot of trouble.


wow! for months?

Does he want it to be pixel perfect?

Web design is not paper. It will look a little bit different on each system/browser/monitor.

Even if you think of how an OS renders fonts. Linux, Windows, and OSX do have completely different implementations of how the render fonts.

So yeah it's not like paper where you print it once and it will be always the same on the same paper.

But was the client happy in the end?

I hope I changed your life for the better ;) Much appreciated.


She did not understand web design at the beginning, so they sent some files that were not very useful and they did not take into account responsiveness either. We spent a lot of the time explaining things to them.

Thankfully it all worked out :)

Yeah that happens you have to explain this to people that a browser window is not a piece of paper 👍

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