Why Bandwidth Still Matters

Jag Talon on December 26, 2018

I remember going to a local mall in New Jersey and walking into a T-Mobile store back in 2014. I had just moved to the US the previous year, and ... [Read Full]
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Holy s#it!
The prices look expensive af!
Here in Bangladesh I pay 1.54$ (Without 15% vat) for 3gb(4g) + 3gb(4g) = Total 6gb of data.
Plans get even cheaper with various offers.


Agree it’s chraper in the Philippines too 😞


Switching to http2 should help too iirc. also, for React developers you should be using lazy loading, code splitting, and dynamic imports to ensure you are only delivering what is actually needed on any given page/route. Thankfully the app I work on at work is not used in these types of situations so bandwidth optimization has never been something we have to focus on, but getting in the habit of using those patterns from the get-go can only help when doing side work or other publicly facing mobile-ready sites.


Great article, worth to read, full of truths: user on data plans are rarely considered when building a website or a web app (I also blame myself !).


Please tag everything relevant for US only with usa.

There is life across the ocean and we all living on the old continent deserve a right to blacklist posts like this from our feeds. Thank you.


I believe the context of the article covered this. Although the info is of the US, the point is the same all over the world


I honestly think it missed the greater global context...if people in the US are alarmed about the cost of data, imagine how people in developing nations feel. If you want to make an international app, you can easily alienate a large portion of the world by refusing to respect the fact that their bandwidth is a resource they cannot waste.


Without #us tag it’s a clickbait for everyone who lives outside.

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