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Hey! I'm a front-end focusing on building web applications using ReactJS

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Front-end Developer at Jude Tejada

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I completely rewrote my personal website using as a CMS

Hi first time loading the site and it was super fast! Can you...

Chrome Extensions Every Developer Should Have

Are some of these extension available to use on firefox?

My Third Year Of Freelancing

Hey, I've been planning to do freelancing with WordPress not...

6 React Books worth reading

It would be really cool if you could had added a link to all ...

HTML, CSS & JS are not enough (esp if you plan to be a independent dev)

Is there a resource that you can recommend with learning abou...

What is Deno.js and why should you care?

Next JS Runtime Done

About to learn JavaScript? Projects can ruin you.

This is definitely agreeable and every beginners should sta...

Quick Setup of Oh My ZSH! terminal on Ubuntu

Hey I have a question as of now I had change the theme on z...

What is AXIOS and How To Use it!

Hey if you don't mind I've seen a lot of api request where ...

Collection of Simple Web Projects

Hey love the projects :)

Show DEV: I built a dashboard to track my life

Hey This looks great and I've also wanted to build like thi...

What is like to be a developer in a third world country.

I think that one problem that we developers live in Third w...

20 Days of HTML(Learn 20 amazing things about HTML) Part 1

This is so amazing lmao there was still lots of tags I've s...

3 Things to Improve Your Productivity

Love the tools you gave!

Get Better at HTML and CSS by Cloning these 10 Minimalist-ish Websites

If this was all built by the no-code movement, it felt dis...

5 React Projects You Need In Your Portfolio 📂

Hey I was wondering about the react 12 Are all of it for ...

10 Useful and Hard-To-Remember CSS Selectors

I'm actually quite curious how to implement in SASS?

How to create pure CSS illustrations and animate them - Part 1

Hey I was wondering on where to get some inspirations for i...

What was your win this week?

Finally learned SASS mix-ins extend variables yey!

25 Days of CSS Animations: Teaching Myself CSS through Motion Design.

This legit impressed me

I need tips for typography

Oh nice thank you! I've been subbed to the Futur but I have...

I need tips for typography


Flexbox cheatsheet inside VS Code

Damn this is quite helpful as I always forgot what element ...

How do you manage your time?

Technically The way I manage my time is using the principle...

Can i please have some advice?

It looks great to be honest, somehow this actually gave me ...

Welcome Thread - v38

Hello I'm new to this Site and Thanks for having me in