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Great article!

I agree with some of the points but Coding Bootcamp made a way for me to enter tech industry. All of my friends from the same Coding Bootcamp also working for many tech companies right now.

The cost of Coding Bootcamp in my country is around $2800 (USD). Not that affordable too for my country standard but there are many payment methods that make it easier.

The thing I love the most about coding bootcamp is the mentors that can help me progress better and I did not get it from online courses. That was my struggle when I was learning by my own.

Thanks for the article!


Hey, I also have another article on the top 5 reasons to go! I went to a coding bootcamp and really enjoyed my time there. It was definitely a straightforward way into the industry, and really fostered my interest in tech!

$2800 is really reasonable! What country are you from? I went to a bootcamp in San Francisco


Thats good to hear!
Wrote an article too almost a year ago on how I really feel when I enrolled in the bootcamp.

Yep, it is really reasonable for those who are based in the US.
I am from Indonesia and I can tell you that $2800 is a lot of money!
I browsed a lot of bootcamps outside my country and the prices are usually 5x or 10x here in Indonesia.

That totally makes sense - but it seems like the return on investment was worth it!

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