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How do you start a new project?

just_an_atom profile image Adam Jackson ・1 min read

I'm just wondering how do you start a new project. Like do you draw out the idea then start building it? or do you just jump headfirst into whatever new project you're starting?

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Dillon Headley

I’m a front end dev / engineer and I work for a small agency. This means I usually get handed designs so my first step is digging thru them. I’m usually looking for and taking note of common or repeating patterns or things that can be components vs global styles. Then I talk to the designer and project manager about the goals or priorities of the protect. Is it speed focused? A11y? Flashy animations? What is the target platform? Browser support? Timeline? Lots to discuss and get my head around.

When actually starting the code part I typically start with an index.html file. First thing to sort out is the font faces and sizes, Colors etc. And store them in variables. Then I start building out some of the main design patterns in kind of a styleguide for the site. Once I’ve got a good base set of styles going then I start building out page by page, making adjustments as I go.

Doing the upfront discussion and planning really helps the rest of the project go well I find.