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Learning PHP in 2020

justbritt_jd profile image Brittany Jones-Dumas ・3 min read

So you want to learn PHP but it's 2020 and everything just seems old and outdated. I feel you, I struggled with finding modern PHP resources as well. Here is Part I of my go-to PHP learning resources.


Monthly Price

  • Basic Plan - $25

  • Pro Plan - $50

  • PHP Techdegree - $199


I will always be honest, I do not see the value in the $50 a month plan. So I will concentrate on the other two.

If you love structure, projects, and community then the PHP Techdegree may be for you. At $200 a month, it is cheaper than a traditional bootcamp and they recently updated their program to include Laravel. Full disclosure, I did the free trial of the Techdegree and ultimately decided it wasn't for me.

If you decide not to go the Techdegree route, Treehouse still offers "tracks" for those of you who like structure. Currently, there are three PHP tracks at Treehouse: Beginner, Intermediate, and OOP.

Treehouse videos tend to be a little bit slow for me at this point in my learning. For this reason, I suggest it to early beginners. However, because of their vast catalog, it is a great resource if you can afford to drop $25 a month.

LinkedIn Learning / Lynda

Monthly Price

-$29.99 or Free With Library Subscription


Team WordPress this is your resource. When it comes to WordPress content Morten Rand-Hendriksen is an amazing teacher and active member of the community.

LinkedIn Learning has vanilla PHP resources, especially vanilla PHP and databases. Like Treehouse, this resource has an extensive catalog. If you are interested in courses outside of tech, LinkedIn learning may be a better fit than Treehouse.

If you are one of those people who care about their LinkedIn profile all courses that you complete via LinkedIn Learning can be added to your profile.

Know the Code

Monthly Price



I'm sorry another WordPress specific resource. However, like LinkedIn Learning, I feel like it is great for those who
are looking to brush up on their vanilla PHP.

I STAN Tonya! Here Computer Science fundamentals course lays a strong foundation for digging deeper into code. Know the Code
will have you reverse engineering WordPress core code. Her sales page says you will know the code "deeply" and she's right.

Tonya's courses focus on problem-solving and programmatic thought. I don't know if I have seen a sales page as honest as Tonya's.


Monthly Price


-$40 Pro Membership


Fun Fact in 2017 Codeacademy took down their PHP course. The team felt like the course was outdated and the popularity of PHP was on the decline. PHP is now back on Codeacademy because let's be honest PHP isn't going anywhere.

If you need a quick brush-up on PHP basics the free course on Codeacademy will get you up and running. Codeacademy is not my learning style so I have very little to say on it except that's it's free and pretty new.


Monthly Price



Team Laravel has entered the chat. Codecourse will keep you updated on the latest and greatest of vanilla PHP AND the TALL
stack. It's my newest obsession.

Youtube Channels

-Dani Krossing

-The Net Ninja

-Traversy Media



There is an obvious omission and that is Laracast.

TLDR everyone should have a Laracast subscription.

Keep me honest to do a Part II with books and Udemy courses. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter so we can spread the word.

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