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re: Would TypeScript eliminate the need for Joi (I've used Joi before at work)? I know Flow is similar to TypeScript so usually, people won't use both.

I was thinking about Typescript while reading this too. In Typescript you have Typeguards which are basically a validation function (you write it, it's a normal function) which would, like Joi here, validate that the object is what you are expecting. During design time you're relatively safe, as a developer, from using the wrong type of object (because Typescript tslint will yell at you, and tsc will exception) and then during runtime you can validate using the Typeguards.

In my travels of JavaScript I realized I started writing more and more boilerplate and tons of extra code to address the fact that JavaScript is not typed and is functional first and OO second. When I finally tried Typescript I felt relieved that I could finally stop writing so much extra code to make up for the fact that JavaScript wasnt typed and didn't have OO as a first class paradigm. Also the IDE and tooling support is so amazing in Typescript.

They say JavaScript ate the world... Next will be Typescript.

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