Discussion on: What is your favourite JavaScript framework?

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Jan van Brügge

Cycle.js. When I was looking for a new framework for a project at work, I evaluated Angular and React first. Angular had too much "magic", ie stuff that " just works" (except when it doesnt and you spend hours decifering errors and asking what you did wrong). React had a cool idea with the virtual DOM, but the execution is lacking. It never actually was "just the V in MVC". You write classes that have render and lifecycle hooks just like a normal framework. Also Redux sucks when it comes to either deep nested state or asyncc stuff.

Then I found Cycle.js. It was using the virtual DOM idea from React but better. No Components, just factories creating POJOs that are evaluated in patch. Also the stream based programming make it easy to do async logic which was nice because to add life updates via websocket, I just had to add 50 LOC and then merge the data stream of the websocket with my existing data stream from HTTP without changing the rest of the logic. Also it uses purity as advantage when testing so you have an easier time there.
Half a year later, I spoke at the first CycleConf and joined the Core Contributor team.