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Saying Rails is for n00bs is like saying C++ is for experienced programmers.

I don't agree that any one technology is better than the rest. I think that having knowledge about a lot of different technologies can help you with any kind of job. I also think that different languages and frameworks are tailored to solving specific problems.

Rails was your way of solving how to create this website. You also could have used Java or PHP or JavaScript or Dart, and to me it makes no difference. If you used any one of those other technologies, you could probably find a clone of Rails because of Rails history of being a useful web framework.

Amber for Crystal? Rails clone. Grails for Groovy? Rails clone. Django? I think it's a Rails clone? Angel for Dart? Pretty sure that's a Rails clone.

For being a framework for n00bs, people try to be quite a lot like Rails 😉

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