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Jake Wesorick
Jake Wesorick

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I broke production

TechCrunch's SSL certificate expired today. We've all been there. Right? What is your "I broke production" story?

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Fulton Browne

A while ago there was an issue no one wanted to fix: the port was hard set in the code. on Linux (which is what my laptop runs) you can only allocate ports over 1000 without admin privileges so the port is set to 8080 on the dev and local testing when I deployed the code (the server needs port 80) it would not work :[ I had to change the port and redeploy EVERY TIME. production would be TOTALLY down for like 5 minutes at least once a week. now we use environment variable for the port.

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I accidentally delete database records on production and te backup was a 24 hours ago one. It means that one working day of data was gone :(