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Jake Wesorick
Originally published at on ・3 min read

I just learned about having a /uses page from Wes Bos after seeing his site. It's a really easy, uniform way to share all the stuff you use. It seems like a really great way to solve the "Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner!?" problem. Here's mine at the moment:

Editor + Terminal

  • I use VS Code as my editor. It blows everything else out of the water with great performance, great user experience, and a community of limitless plugins to customize it to your every need. I mostly use Night Owl as my theme.
  • I recently switched to iTerm as my terminal and zsh with Oh My ZSH!. I also use Night Owl as my theme in iTerm.
  • Depending on how intensive you're setup is, consider creating your own dotfiles repo with dotbot. There are a lot of different ways to backup that kind of stuff but dotbot makes it a lot simpler.
  • FiraCode is a monospaced font with programming ligatures that I use in both iTerm and VS Code.


  • I've been using Netlify for static sites like my personal website. Heroku has always been great for me for more complex apps.



  • Todoist is a to-do app. It allows you to group to-dos into projects, set a date for when you're going to complete a to-do, set repeating to-dos and lots of other great features you want out of a to-do app.
  • Deckset allows you to write a presentation in markdown and it takes care of the design.
  • YNAB. The best budget software for your life.

Other Stuff

  • Boundary Supply Errant Pack It has a lot of great features. Special spots for your laptop, passport, notebooks and stuff. But there has been a few times I used it as a carry on and could have used more space.

Christian Apps + Resources

  • Read-Scripture is a well executed app for reading the Bible regularly.
  • Echo Is an app I use for keeping track of prayer requests. It has a "pray now" feature where you pick how long you'd like to pray for and it flips through things to pray for.
  • ESV bible app My personal choice for the bible on my phone or computer.
  • The Bible Project is a non profit that creates incredible animated videos summarizing books and themes in the Bible. The easiest way to watch is on their YouTube channel.

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