RailsConf day one, picking sessions

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RailsConf is tomorrow! Whether you're like me and waited until the (not quite) last minute to pick what sessions to attend, or you are just too overwhelmed with having to choose, here is my list for day 1. See the full list of sessions and workshops here: https://railsconf.com/schedule.

Postgres & Rails 6 Multi-DB: Pitfalls, Patterns, Performance

News Rails 6 features + we are literally doing this at my job in production. We use our second database for our own app analytics but there are a lot of other applications.

Unraveling the Cable: How ActionCable works

ActionCable is one of the cool new things being included in Rails 6. ActionCable brings WebSockets into Rails making it seamless to add real-time features to your app. I do not have experience in WebSockets
and I'm kinda glad I waited as I'm sure Rails will use its magic to make it easy.

Teach by Learning; Lead by Teaching

Have you ever caught yourself dictating code to a junior dev, rather than pairing?

I feel personally attacked. I am not the best pair programmer and am looking forward to this talk helping change that.

Pre-evaluation in Ruby

I've worked in Ruby for a while now but a lot of what is going on under the hood has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Besides avoiding N+1 queries in Rails I mostly just write it the first way I come up with and hope for the best. Looking forward to this talk giving me better insight resulting in me having more optimized and informed code.

Optimizing your app by understanding your PostgreSQL database

Postgres is another place that I have not spent a lot of time in. Only really diving in when its the only option. Excited to learn more.

The Action Cable Symphony - An Illustrated Musical Adventure

Can't get enough ActionCable.

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Also check out railsconf.today. It's a really great way to pin what talks you're going to.


I'm picking them out now! Haha. I'll let you know.