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Music without words I think is a go to. Lofi-hiphop artists like Tomppabeats, Aso, Idealism, or the nonstop live playlists on youtube.

Vaporwave/synthwave is another: Home, Vector Graphics, Saint Pepsi, Skylar Spence, BlankBanshee. Lots of good tunes out there


Whatever I'm into at the time. Sometimes metal, sometimes the Greatest Showman soundtrack. At the moment it's my favourite Eurovision 2019 songs! If I'm stressed it's mostly metal I listen to... when I'm frustrated my music needs to be frustrated too!


For me, I've recently really been loving listing to The Midnight (artist). I also listen/watch a lot of D&D live play like Critical Role and The Dungeon Run, depending on how involved the task I'm working on is.


I couldn’t tell you why, but I have my β€œgo-to” artists/genres for specific languages. Maybe it’s just habit reinforcement? Anyway...

SQL: Converge - usually No Heroes or You Fail Me

C#: I usually gravitate towards playlists here, I’m a die-hard fan of my Spotify daily playlists here - often it’s a mix of post-punk/post-hardcore/β€œindie”

C++: Instumental/Post-Rock


This depends what I'm working on. For bug fixes, in code I know well, I'll listen to something with words. Pick your favorite rock, blues, or whatever.

If I'm writing new code and have more to keep in my mind, I listen exclusively to music without words. Try Explosions in the Sky or some Drum and Bass.


for me , Most of the time a music with less lyrics , and some live playlist on Youtube


LifeHack: listen to epic soundtracks while you're coding (Batman Dark Knight, Avengers, Transformers etc.).

That way you're not just coding, you're also saving the world :)

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