Need SQL2016 Help

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I need some urgent assistance from the community: I need a way to list failing transactions from a sql2016 database, without altering code or data.

I've searched hi and low on Google and all my references and cannot see a way.


I inherited a set of databases whi ch are suffering from 10y of 'deferred maintenance', 'shove it in for deployment', and no maintenance plan at all other than backups.

My current situation is we have a serious deadlock/transaction failure scenario that is eating our lunch and for reasons I don't want to get into, I have no way of determining what code or sp is breaking other than to find the transactions that failed and look at the context.

Thanks in advance

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Hi John, can I suggest adding the #help tag to your post? That way it will appear on the sidebar of everyone's home page and be more visible to folks who can help :)

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