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Nice article Evelyn. I agree with you in learning the concepts first. Binding concepts are simple. Tests can wait until later. The best way is as you said, spin up a new project and try it out. Learn good debugging skills and it's just a matter of tme. It's nice to see folks taking deep dives in 24 hrs. Looking forward to your upcoming articles.


Thanks, @jwp . I'm glad you agree with it. Learning something completely new in 24 hours seems scary, especially for those who are competing for a job position and have to deliver a code challenge within a couple of hours. Looking back now, learning Angular in 24 hours was a stressful experience but totally worth it. In the end, all the interest to dive deep and make the best of it relies on the effort you are putting on it.


Your article applies to Angular 9 too.

Stress is the only way to learn, it forces us to dig deep and overcome obstacles.

I predict your job situation will work out soon and with something perfect for you. There are lots of job openings for Angular folks.

I have an article on finding a job in 2020. Please take a look.

That's great! I'm still getting used to Angular 9.
I agree with you, stress gets us out of the comfort zone, which is vital for growth and productivity.
Thanks for the job wishes! Hope to get there soon too :)
I appreciate the suggestion and will take a look at your article for sure.

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