re: I had to learn Angular 8 in 24 hours, here is how VIEW POST

re: Thanks, @jwp . I'm glad you agree with it. Learning something completely new in 24 hours seems scary, especially for those who are competing for a ...

Your article applies to Angular 9 too.

Stress is the only way to learn, it forces us to dig deep and overcome obstacles.

I predict your job situation will work out soon and with something perfect for you. There are lots of job openings for Angular folks.

I have an article on finding a job in 2020. Please take a look.

That's great! I'm still getting used to Angular 9.
I agree with you, stress gets us out of the comfort zone, which is vital for growth and productivity.
Thanks for the job wishes! Hope to get there soon too :)
I appreciate the suggestion and will take a look at your article for sure.

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