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re: I think CodementorX could probably be also interesting. They have a nice interview and onboarding process, it's a bit like Toptal for tech people o...

Thank you for the tip! The description of their process on the website sounds great (especially for businesses) and the profiles of developers they made public on their websites are certainly impressive!
Unfortunately I waited until I found a job that I love, before making the list. I will try CodementorX in the future.
Have you had any experience with them?


I applied to CodementorX last year and did the interviews, it was really nice.

I also interviewed for a project, but I didn't get it.

Had a project from somewhere else then and didn't bother to interview for more later.

Sounds awesome! Nice interviews are a great sign. There are too many terrible ways to interview a developer.
Thank you for commenting here! I hope someone else tries CodementorX because he/she saw the comments :)

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