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Discussion on: Which desktop environment, and why?

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Kaarthik Suryanarayanan


  1. It's light.
  2. It's customizable. With a good theme it looks stunning.
  3. It's light!
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Daniel Ziltener

XFCE being light is an urban legend. It's fatter than Plasma and afaik even GNOME are.

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Kaarthik Suryanarayanan

My experience is predominantly with Gnome and XFCE, and of it, I am sure XFCE is lighter. I searched a bit about 'XFCE being fatter than plasma'.
Would you mind sharing some references for stats regarding that claim?

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Mike Bybee

XFCE is lighter than GNOME 3 (and any other Mutter-based DE), but Plasma has consumed less RAM than XFCE since at least v5.17 (it's currently at v.5.21, with 5.22 on the way).

Important caveat: Latte Dock nearly doubles RAM usage on KDE. Until Latte Dock slims down, starts up faster, and sheds many bugs, I'll be sticking to the default (and extremely capable, just not nearly as featureful or pretty) Plasma panel(s).

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt Author

Thanks for sharing.

Albeit not really lightweight, its default looks looks better than GNOME3 and KDE IMO.

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