Discussion on: JavaScripts Regular Expressions Get More Power

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Christian Bewernitz

Thank you for this article, looking forward to this addition.

Can you provide any links/resources about the progress on that topic?

but this is about to change in the (hopefully) near future.

is a bit vague, so I would love to be able to follow/know when/ under what circumstances this will be available.

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K Author

Hard to say.

It goes like this, someone proposes a change/feature and writes down how it could look.

If they get worked out all the details it goes from stage 0 to stage 4 and will be part of the standard.

Point is, to see if it's a good idea it has to be implemented somewhere (node, babel, firefox) before it will be part of the standard.

This means, the stages aren't an precise indicator for availability. Can be that stuff is part of ES2019 and only babel has it implemented, can be that something is stage 3 and you can use it in all major browsers, etc.