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Software Development Outsourcing

karlgorman6 profile image Karl Gorman ・2 min read

Outsourcing definition implies the exercise in which the company delegates the software development project to third-party vendors. Today, many small and large firms hire external human resources to accomplish their information technology functions with utter proficiency and effectiveness. The best part about the concept of software development outsourcing is that it lets various professionals collaborate, work, and grow together.

The key factors that drive the companies to outsource their project are reduced business costs, access to world-class capabilities, saving time on finding and hiring local specialists, increased flexibility and scalability, and reduction in risks.

A few examples of well-known companies that hire externally qualified workers for their technical projects instead of local employees are Apple, Skype, Basecamp, and more. Mostly, China is a primary source to get complete with outsourced software development projects.

Apple – Apple, the iconic Internal brand known for its iPhone, iPad, iWatch, and other pieces of technology, often delegates a substantial part of technical functions to China’s manufacturing companies. Though the company has been criticized for ignoring the local talent, the benefits of outsourcing such as time-saving, quality results, and cost-effectiveness are making it stick to the practice.

Skype – Skype is well-known as a communication and collaboration application. In the initial days, it outsourced its entire back-end part of the project to the three Estonian developers, who later became the partner of the company.

Basecamp – Basecamp is a web development tool that is highly in demand today for its features to handle the project development of several business companies. As the operations of the company grew, the owner and team outsourced their web development project to remote developers, as a result of which, they are enjoying a whopping revenue at present.

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