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Discussion on: What time of day are you most productive?

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Karl N. Redman

It's complicated and really based on what kind of work has the highest priority -and my role in the work being done. Due to the nature of these roles I obviously can't do all of these things every day for any sustained period of time -although I've tried a few times...

  • Heavy lifting and programming: 11pm-5am

    • e.g. things that require exclusive attention.
    • Frequency: often -even if I have meetings the next day
    • Preference: Preferred -I'm a night owl.
    • Efficiency: Medium / High -I will often pursue some exploratory and reflective endeavors during this time.
  • Business issues and management: 10am-6pm

    • e.g. managing and coordinating via meetings and correspondence.
    • Frequency: 1-5 days per week (when working in that role)
    • Preference: Moderate -It's part of the job and necessary.
    • Efficiency: High -I want to get the business stuff done so I can get back to producing / creating stuff.
  • Social-political mixing (work related) 6pm-11pm

    • e.g. work related "off-hours" relationship building
    • Frequency: rare
    • Preference: Low -Political relationships are only a necessary evil.
    • Efficiency: Medium -If I'm going to be away from doing actual work I try to make these interactions as meaningful as possible.