The second worst interview: omg python threading

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One of the contracts that I interviewed for in the mid 2000's (before I move out of Chicago) was for a job that was a "multithreading python" developer engineer.

During the interview I asked the lead engineer about this multithreading job. I asked for clarification from active-python or cpython. He said all of the development was being done in cpython.


Yea,I'm an asshole. I said something to the effect that his project was impossible with cpython but I'd help him guide his project to a real-time multithreaded system.

and then we argued about this engineering issue for 30 minutes -he couldn't get past the Global Interpreter Lock! it was a foreign concept.

...and this was a financial trading company...... they died -ugh.

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"multithreading python" sometimes is an uncompleted subject, you need to know how your selected interperter works and if this could support the task you want to do....

What is your opinion about concurrency instead of multithreading ?


I apologize. I think I missed the larger question.

In my experience, if you don't know the the interpreter you are working with then you can't write the application.

You bring up a good point though for sure... And that was ultimately my failure in the interview.


I'm for concurrency. (period). Even with the loss of file io you gain the ability to multithread/multiprocess. Always write reentrant code (when possibel), etc.

Multithreading / Multiprocessor is a more involved question. Basically, if an app needs to communicate across systems -multiprocessing. If an app might require async communications -multithreading


this paradigm holds true for c/c++ as well. so the translation to 'base' languages like rust and go follow suite.

IMHO,always code to the lowest common denominator.

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