The worst intervitew I ever had (my bad)

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The worst interview I ever had was with E-Trade in the early 2000 (2003ish?). The technical interview went well. I connected with the team. It seemed like a match made in heaven. But there was a long pause between sessions. In those days there were no bathroom breaks, etc. And I really needed to go pee -with the execs sitting down around the table to welcome me. I was, at that point, sweating a lot and the seats were leather.

At the beginning of my presentation I shifted in my seat. It was the longest fart sound from skin through suite pants sound that could be imaginable. And then it went on for several seconds.In total it was about 5 seconds but it was enough to feel like an eternity and to nix me from the job. E-Trade never accepted one of my resumes after that. dirp.

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