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Discussion on: The Four Principles of Object Oriented Programming in Python

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Karthikeyan Y

It is just a convention. It is understood that if we use __ in the beginning of a property name, it should be not be accessed from outside.

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Adam Mnemonic

Yes, at the beginning of my journey with Python I also thought that it is only convention but visibility is also affected.
You can compare output of code using both versions:

When using self.__size (trinket) output is:
I'm a bigfish
I'm a bigfish
I'm a tinyfish

And running same code but using self.size (trinket) will give you output:
I'm a bigfish
I'm a smallfish
I'm a tinyfish

So, although code is technically correct, some explanation would be nice. :)

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Wow, I'm surprised you're the first person I've encountered who's talked about this. I just ran this code and it feels like a very important detail 😯