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Factors That Can Influence Your Clicking Speed

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Clicking speed is sort of a trend now. Everyone wants to have the highest clicking score. It’s especially the gamers who want to ace their clicking game. This is so because clicking rapidly is a major part of video gaming. The faster you click, the better you would score in gaming. That pretty much gives us the reason why gamers are so crazy about clicking faster than anyone else. But, how can you make your clicking speed good enough? Well, you need to keep a few things in mind. Mentioned below are factors that can influence your clicking speed.

Clicking Techniques
Your clicking speed has a lot to do with the clicking technique you use. Fast clicking isn’t all about simply clicking. You also need to know some skills that enhance your clicking speed a lot. Pro gamers practice clicking techniques like Jitter clicking and Butterfly clicking. Jitter clicking is faster than normal clicking, and the Butterfly clicking method is way faster than that. In the Jitter clicking technique, your palm doesn’t rest on the mouse. It is the stiffness in your hands that creates vibrations. These vibrations are then translated into rapid clicking on the mouse. Butterfly clicking is a bit simpler but contradictory. Rather than just one finger, two fingers (the middle finger and pointer finger) are used to click. This way you can get a great CPS (Clicks per Second) score. If you haven’t checked your CPS yet, do it now at Clicks Test.

Your Clicking Device
The device you use for clicking also has a lot to do with your speed. If you are using your mouse pad, you might get a bit slower than mouse clicking. Mouse clicking strains your arms but gives you a better clicking performance. The results may vary if your laptop’s mouse pad has a better sensor than a computer mouse.

Type Of Mouse To Choose
There are a number of excellent mice in the market. They all vary by their performances and budget. You need to look for their building structure, sensor strength and finally, the budget of your choice. A gaming mouse has a faster click rate than regular mice. Find out which mouse has the best reviews and then purchase it.

Clicking Practice Of The Player
Before anything else, it is one’s practise that matters the most. If you cannot spend time practising your skills, you can never be a pro at anything. So, apart from the techniques and device you choose, you also need to spare some time practising your clicking speed. Clicks Test allows you to practice and record your CPS scores. You can set the timer of your choice from 5 seconds to 100 seconds. Try to beat your previous score every time. Also, if you are Jitter clicking, go for smaller numbers. Jitter clicking for a longer duration can hurt your arms.

Final Words
Now that you know what factors can influence your clicking speed, you need to follow them all. Try techniques, get a good gaming mouse, and keep practising as much as you can. You’ll surely be a gaming pro soon!

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