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React vs Ember.JS: A Quick Comparison of JS Frameworks

Kathleen Brown
Tech Consultant In Enterprise Web & Mobile App Development Company Specializing in Iot,Big data,AR/VR.
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To begin with, React JS is a Javascript library that is used to create compelling-looking user interfaces, in other words, the developers use it to build the front-end part of any site or application. Furthermore, React is open-source, and this factor contributes big time, making it a preferred pick for creating UIs that are both easy to maintain and upgrade.

Some killer-looking websites that have been made using React are Netflix, Instagram, PayPal, Uber, Flipboard, Dropbox, Salesforce, Venmo, Reddit, and many more. If you are looking to build web interfaces, here is a quick EmberJS vs React comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Why Do Many Developers Prefer React Over Other Options?

Now that we know the React basics, let us learn about the features that make this javascript library score big over its counterparts, such as Ember JS.

React Is Declarative: By this, we mean that React has been designed in such a way that it helps in creating straightforward user interfaces. Thus, developing the interface with React is easy, but updating the changes, later on, is simple as the code is declarative and easier to test and debug.

React Is Simple: This is among the most significant reasons adding to React JS's ever-increasing popularity and demand. As the focus here is primarily on the user interface, React uses a perfect mix of HTML and JavaScript.

Reach is extensively extensible and highly powerful, and these are the reasons that make developers love it when designing User Interfaces.

React vs Ember Js - A Quick Comparison

Before we get the comparison rolling, it would be an excellent idea to learn a bit about EmberJS. Well, to be precise, EmberJS is an advanced JavaScript that comes loaded with compelling-looking controls meant for all those developers who want to settle in for rich user interfaces.

Technical Comparison

React- With simple yet powerful features such as virtual DOM and extensive library, React is a simple option to go in for when it comes to creating impressive-looking User Interfaces that the users love.

EmberJS- Ember JS relies on its data library that helps make querying and caching easy; more so, it eliminates all that stress related to fetching. However, it has been seen that the developers still are not that familiar with the Ember JS architecture as compared to React.


React- React relies on the concept of libraries. It is extremely fast in terms of performance. Even if a project has multiple components, the rendering time is not that much.

EmberJS- Ember JS, on the other hand, is heavily programmed, and this has a straight impact on its performance, making it very slow. The rendering done even for the first time takes a lot of time.

React-The documentation support for React is not that appreciative. Unfortunately, there is no such documentation that the developers can follow available online.

EmberJs- EmberJS, on the other hand, has tried its best to come out with the best documentation as we can find a lot of information on the internet, both in the form of snippet and code.

Learning Support/ Curve

React- With so many javascript libraries available online, learning React is not at all challenging. The programmers can go through these libraries and learn the basics in few days.

EmberJS- EmberJS framework is more about configuration concepts, which makes programmers invest a lot of time learning the basics.

Code Specific Architecture

React- React JS does not have any particular architecture of its own; most programmers use it with Flux that works better than the MVC. However, as React is not that flexible, setting up the architecture is challenging, especially for beginners.

EmberJS- The architecture of EmberJS stands on components such as distributor logic and CLI, which makes programmers fall in love with it in the first place. The default architecture set by Ember JS is simple for any programmer to learn and follow.

So, all in all, both EmberJS and ReactJS have pros and cons attached to their feature set, and it is on the programmers to choose.

Hiring The Best React JS Development Company

Working with React JS is both complex and challenging, and this is why the hunt should be made for the best React js Development Company. Any agency with the expertise to implement new technologies to carve out business-driven apps would be the best pick.

It is essential to go with an agency that offers dedicated React JS development services and that too cost-effectively. It is to be comprehended that innovation and performance should go hand in hand when it comes to creating user interfaces.

Therefore, one should look for the services in an expert development company: interactive user interfaces development, custom React JS development, and enterprise application development.

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