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Skills that Frontend Developer Should have for the development process

Websites play an important role in our daily lives. In order to launch successful solutions in the market, it is important that web developers should have in-depth knowledge and skills about the development process. Majorly, website development is divided into two parts - Frontend and Backend.

Frontend development plays a crucial role, as it is the user interface through which customers used to interact with the websites and backend supports the website to run smoothly. Hence, frontend includes several components such as animations, graphics, fonts, and many more things.

In order to build interactive frontend websites, many technologies and new ways have been introduced to enhance the user experience. In this blog, we will be discussing the important skills that a frontend developer should have. If you are also planning to hire a frontend developer, make sure a developer should have the following skills and be able to meet your project requirements.

Skills that a Frontend developer should have

1) Frameworks
Frameworks help to simplify the technical development process and increase the productivity of the programmers. It is very important that a developer should know about the different frameworks and their updated versions. There are an extensive range of frameworks available in the market such as Angular, Vue, Ember.js. They all provide different sets of functionalities to the developers, which helps to meet with the project requirements.

2) PWA
Progressive web apps are already a trend and it is expected that it will be the future of the web industry. According to wikipedia, A progressive web application is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These solutions can be launched on several platforms such as web, Google Playstore, and Appstore.

As on 2021, the PWA-related features are supported to varying degrees by the Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox for Android, and Microsoft Edge browsers. It is also based on the lightweight features and supports web push notifications functionality to enhance user experience. Apart from this, it is built with major web technologies but offers native touch with smooth animations to the users. Undoubtedly, it helps to save a huge amount of time and developer productivity.

Front end developers should be proficient in progressive web application development. It ensures them to meet the modern as well as standard web development requirements.

Testing - most of the developers used to skip this step from the development process. But they should be more focused with the testing as it ensures you to launch the successful solutions in the market without any future failures. Hence, testing has also different ways - unit, integration, and end to end process.

It is important that developers should be highly proficient with the testing process as this will help them to deliver powerful solutions in the market. Apart from this, there are several more testing processes such as manual testing, screenshot, and many more. To gain the next senior position in the market, developers should be proficient in the testing of different solutions in multiple ways. It will allow them to launch successful applications in the market.

Clean Code
Clean code is the next major demand of the development industry. Those days are gone when developers used to write long codes and check again and again. Now, small and clean codes are in high demand even to turn the coding process into easier and faster, there are several advanced technologies and frameworks have been introduced in the market.

It is important for the front end developers that they should be able to leverage all the functionalities of the advanced technologies to write clean codes.

Hence, clean code refers to the fact that it should not be duplicated and complex to handle. It should be easy to write, meaningful as well as maintained properly.

Soft Skills
Apart from technical skills, developers should have soft skills such as strong communication skills, patience, problem-solving, and time management. It will help them to manage the project requirements and maintain long term relationships with their clients.

Front end developers are high in demand and in order to map the business requirements, it is important that they should have all the above skills. It will help them to align with their clients expectations and satisfy the customers. Apart from these skills, they should always be updated with the latest market trends and technologies.

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