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Discussion on: Build your first serverless app with Angular, NestJS and Azure

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Yohan Lasorsa Author

Having one or more functions really depends of what you're trying to achieve. Having your whole api as one functions has drawbacks yes, like increased cold start time and and slightly slower response time due to the framework additional routing. It can be acceptable or not, depending of your use case. If you're looking for the best performance and fastest response times then you will better with separate functions and relying on the provider's routing. For that there's a Nestjs WIP compiler that provides additional annotations to deploy your app as separate functions, but there's no public doc for it yet:

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Harsha Bonthu

Landed on this article as I was searching on same topic. While this approach works for migrating existing express apps / nestjs to serverless model. I'm curious about the anti-pattern as well i.e I was thinking one smaller function for each route would have faster response/startup time? With this approach of deploying as one function when the application grows, it may slow down on startup/response times.