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HTML5 and CSS3 Challenges

It is not so often that we find good HTML5 and CSS3 challenges to practice our skills. Here is a set of 3 challenges -

1. Create this cta box (Level - Intermediate)

Challenge 1
This is a very good challenge that you can practice to test the html5 challenges. You may add your own hover effects or may be add some animations.

2. Make this product card (Level - Beginner to Intermediate)

Challenge 2
Make this amazon product card to complete this challenge

3 Create this twitter page (Level - Advanced)

Challenge 3

Make this twitter page to prove you are a master of HTML5 and CSS3

Posting your solutions

To post your solution just upload your GitHub repo of the challenge in the comments. You may do 1 or more challenge.

Be sure to tune up for a part 2 coming soon.

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