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re: Ego is the enemy: overcoming your own thoughts VIEW POST


I always talk about removing "ego problems" from my behavior.

What I mean by this are the things I do not because of any logic that naturally leads to a good outcome, but about things I do out of emotions.

For example:

When I was young, I would destroy things when getting angry then I would miss the things afterward.

I would keep things secret I was ashamed of, sometimes because I did something wrong, etc.

I envied people who had things I wanted or would be jealous of the friends of my partners, which I would also keep secret because, in the end, I was ashamed of it. Often the jealousy would send me in some kind of panic mode of being abandoned.

While I didn't think about this in terms of career success, I certainly think it plays into that. If you're able to own your mistakes makes you calmer and more focused. If you can admit that you have no idea what you're doing, you're open to learn and get better.

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