How JavaScript variable scoping is just like multiple levels of government

Kevin Kononenko on February 08, 2018

Have you ever smashed your keyboard in frustration after getting an undefined* *value over and over again while trying to find the value of a var... [Read Full]
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Well splained Kevin... I do have a question though. Why are we referring to Consts as “variables” since by their definition a Const is immutable shouldn’t they be called Constants? Or am I missing something very fundamental?


Good question, Guido. According to the Microsoft docs, consts are technically variables:

Check out my guide to variables at the bottom. Variables are just containers for values that you initialize. So, a const still fulfills that definition.


Haha I will take that as a compliment :) Have you seen the rest of my tutorials? They are even further out there :)


I think this confused me a little because I have no idea how the law works in the US.


I love it when coding concepts are broken down into easy to understand concepts outside of code. This was a great analogy.

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