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How to start developing Magento v2?

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What would be a good start point for a developer that comes from Magento v1.9.* to begin Magento v2.* much quickly? How should he learn the key differences without digging deep into Google results? Poor me didn't find the Magento's documentation helpful in this case. Your suggestions are very welcome.

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It's true that Magento documentation is not very helpful. I personally never done any professional Magento 1 development so it's rather hard for me to talk about the key differences between versions. My best bet would be to look at some example Magento 2 extensions out there and try copy and paste at first, don't worry if you don't know how things work. Magento 2 is a very complex system with a lot (too much) of abstraction. But understanding will come with time. This might help:

Look at some existing third party extensions out there:
Look how Magento 2 itself is built: (check /vendor/magento)
Check out this blog:

Also you might check these:

And, if you don't know something, remember to talk to community =>
Magento 2 is driven by community.

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