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Getting Started As a Developer.

kelvinkirima014 profile image Kelvin Kirima ・3 min read

Getting to start something new is an extremely daunting task, we want to delay the beginning for as long as possible. As a
developer, this is something I have to deal with quite often
and that's why I am writing this post to share my thoughts and struggles in the hope of helping others who face struggles like the ones I do!

Why it was hard for me to get started

1.Fear of failure
No one ever wants to fail. Before I started learning how to code, I was not sure if I was going to be good at it or if anyone would ever hire me but I figured I was never going to find out if I don't try and here I am.
(fun fact: I am yet to be hired)

2.Do no want to look silly
In my country, most people(especially older folks) do not know an iota about software development careers. My folks got me to college to study civil engineering and even the thought of quitting school to pursue a tech career scared me,
I was afraid of being told "you didn't think it through" and this held me back for quite a while before I finally made up my mind that this is what I really wanted and taking the risk.

Learning how to code takes a substantial amount of time, time that you could otherwise have spent looking for money to pay rent, buy food or feed your kids. Before I started coding I used to earn money by doing construction works but I had to quit to concentrate on coding, I still don't have a job but I am living off my parents for now. It's hard but I had to be realistic enough to work on my skills before becoming employable or taking up freelance work. What really amazed me is the number of free resources online [] that have helped me grow my skills exponentially.

4.Where the hell do I even start?
This is a big one! One thing that could keep you off from programming is the plethora of languages out there, so which is the right one? which will help me get a job? and why is C# read as C sharp? For a person who is already struggling with getting started, this is obviously an uphill! Deciding what language I wanted to learn made me review how I wanted my journey to progress, I wanted to kickstart my internet career by starting with the web so I went with the frontend developer path(HTML, CSS, JavaScript). I am quite green but I believe you should choose whatever language interests you and aligns with your career goals. The beauty is that once you start you will get to know much more about particular languages and frameworks and you can always learn a new one that fits your objectives!

All you need to really get started is

By already asking yourself 'how do I get started?' you have already taken the first huge step because all you really need to start is the desire, In this case, you could also call it passion and as a developer, you really going to need it for whatever your journey holds. Inevitable obstacles keep coming my way but I stick with coding because I know what brought me here in the first place and I just can't quit. If you are looking to get started you will also have to keep in mind what reason you are doing it for and that's what going to keep you around

In Conlusion

The developer journey is quite interesting, I have been in for a few months and I have already learnt a few lessons e.g, it's okay to fail, it's not okay to quit. Once we fail we go, again and again, error messages constantly glare at us and we fix them. All programmers do this from newbies to the most experienced developers. Let's have fun and enjoy the ride while we are at it!

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