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Bootstrap vs Bulma. How to choose the best one for your next project?

kemyd profile image Dawid Andrzejewski ・2 min read

Hi, everyone!

I am the Founder and CEO of, where we help designers launch their subscription-based theme builders.

The two projects that use our technology are:

What does this have in common with the question in the title?

In both projects, you can use a demo in which (without logging in) you have access to about 50 production-ready components, which you can export together with the full configuration of the project.

Using the demo you get:

  • config working with Pug templates and Sass files,
  • CSS framework loaded (Bootstrap, Material Design for Bootstrap or Bulma),
  • commands to build the project (npm run build) and run a live preview (npm run watch),
  • components code preview (so you can compare sources, Bootstrap vs. Bulma).

And because there is no clear answer to the question from the title (it depends on personal preferences!) I recommend you to familiarize yourself with both Bootstrap Shuffle and Bulma Builder, add similar components, change styles, export the project and see which one suits you best!

In my opinion, for beginners, the most crucial difference is that Bulma doesn't provide any JavaScript and you have to write it yourself or use other ready-made solutions (e.g for a hamburger menu).

When you start a new project based on Bootstrap or Bulma you can download a starting project from these demos and use it as your boilerplate.

If you would work with both frameworks for a while, you will see that they are quite similar!


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