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Discussion on: Junior Developers Should Start A Technical Blog Early In Their Career

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Kevin Steele • Edited on

I'm a newbie and I blog primarily for three reasons. Firstly, it keeps me honest; picking a subject that you think you know creates an impetus to brush up lest you like to look foolish. The second, someone is reading what you wrote and it may be that low-hanging branch over that pit of quicksand. I know that's melodramatic but a lot of people are overwhelmed by FOMO (fear of missing out) and think they have to learn all the things, which is not remotely feasible. Lastly, it does help my career stuff but not just in the way highlighted. Your blogging and research lead to deeper knowledge of the things you're using so when you are asked about it on an interview, you have a lot to say and it's accurate.
I would also like to add writing is a form of communication and engineers are notoriously poor communicators and we need all the practice we can get.

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Rachel Soderberg Author

Absolutely Kevin! I love to hear from other newbies who have had success with writing, and you make a good point about interviewing well thanks to the research done on a topic.

I think that "low hanging branch" was the main reason I started writing blogs even though I thought I wasn't ready... I came across some articles that were simple, but were exactly what I needed to solve my problem, and I wanted to give back in some way!