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100 Days Of Code MERN Stack


This is my first time following the challenge # 100DaysOfCode MERN Stack, learning react js, next js, gatsby js, react native, tailwind css, mongodb express and html css js


Hello I am Kew Coder, my current job is as a freelance programmer. Over the last 4 years I have created many websites using the vue js framework for the front end and laravel for the backend.

sometimes using other frameworks depending on the client’s request. During the past 4 years I have mastered the 2 frameworks, laravel and vue js.

the end of 2020 i decided to quit freelance job and try to learn new things to prepare before i graduate college.
on March 13th I committed to taking on the # 100DaysOfCode challenge in my own way.

because previously I have learned the basics of programming, maybe learning new programming and frameworks is not difficult for me.

So I will publish this challenge every day on the YouTube channel, the theme of the challenge is to create an application or website with.

learn from what I want to make and learn directly from practice. I hope this way of learning can help me become a better programmer.
Thank you ☺

For Video you can see on my youtube playlist :

100DaysOfCode MERN Stack

  1. Day 1 Create Personal Portfolio Website HTML CSS JS
  2. Day 2 Create Static Blog Site React Gatsby Js
  3. Day 3 Create Find a Mentor Website Next JS
  4. Day 4 Social Media Audio & Chat Room with React js Socket IO
  5. Day 5 — School Administration with Next JS

Updates Every day

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This is amazing Kew.

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