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I started off as an international developmment student at Denver University (2012) and worked a non-techincal corporate admin position for about 3 1/2 not so great years.

I kept looking for ways to use my degree until that position let me go, advising me that "something in technology" might appeal to me more. So I accepted id have to do something in tech to pay off my over 100k in student loans... then hopefully go back to gradschool and be happy when I was about 40.

But God works in mysterious ways. At my first tech meetup I met a guy that ran an international non-profit who encouraged me to dive into programming if I really liked it, and turns out I really did. I SLAVEDDD at a tech support job for about a year and a half and coded every minute I wasn't at work (buring out a few times naturally). Thanks to a lot of peeps on here and around the community I kind of stopped sucking horridly at the whole thing and found a start up looking for a hard worker that was willing to learn.

If my education taught me anything its that data is extremely powerful. So Im trying to walk the line between Developer and Data Scientist for as long as I can until they put a gun to my head and make me choose. I want to use data to completely end poverty and save the world.

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